The truth behind light meditation and the lie of proprietary systems of spirituality.

So I have seen quite the up stir of online sites and people professing about their systems of color meditation claiming some seemingly fantastic results.

That this such color, or that one means this or that thing. Each system different yet each claiming to be the end all be all to color meditation.

But as I see it,

you are doing it wrong.

Any system of spirituality, any form of religion and faith, in its truest form and in its most pure expression is a method of deconstructing our mind and its preconceptions of the limiting nature of our view of the world and the universe.

These systems of thought exist to train the senses of the mind to perceive the universe without the weight (value) we place on its absolutes that we in essence create ourselves.

It is not that any of these systems cannot lead you to a path of endless progression. It is that they each reach a point of stagnation where they want proprietary rights to enlightenment. They each want to be classified in some bureaucratic spiritual system in the sky as “the one true path”.

In reality all are valid and the more you learn from them to make your own system of faith, the stronger you will become for it. Thing is I see all these people who profess an enlightened mind, yet deny their natural instinct to get mad or scared or whatever valid emotion, until it pops as not being truly in control of themselves.

The ball of destruction they form in the process is severe and seemingly unfixable to them since the ridged forms of control they took to keep their emotions bottled up then turn against them when trying to put them back in that tightly closed bottle. The stronger the defense keeping their true emotions under wraps, the stronger the resistance is once you are on the other side of it trying to pack it all back in.

I look at kids and see true wisdom. They cry like the world just ended in one moment and then are the happiest beings in the very next. They express their full emotion, no holds bar and vent it all. They then feel much better and are truly natural for it. Their system of “no system” is the closest to enlightenment. They do not have regrets, grudges or subconscious mental diarrhea.

These violet light or blue light meditations will tell you this light will produce a certain emotion and thinking about it WILL absolutely produce a specific result. I can agree to a degree but with a huge reservation.

I had a martial arts instructor that would tell us to think “pink” when we were tired and our muscles were tight. He would tell us this so we would loosen up and not be aggressive in our attack and defense but rather be easy and flowing.

It was not that “pink” had that absolute effect. He meant that we had to be less macho…less hard, since pink is a feminine color to western males. That response we had was well designed. He knew it would be produced when this guy who we all looked up to as a serious person would tell us to think “pink” instead of thinking to Bruce lee…or Rambo or some other “strength” imagery. Our minds went to ballerinas and a girl´s room. The mental imagery and emotion it produced off set our pain and aggression so we could be in control again and focus. If green had the social stigma we held to it that pink did, he would have told us to think green or whatever appropriate color to illicit that response.

To me these systems of color meditation are about emotion regulation. They exist to assist you in navigating your mind and take control of your emotions. What they should do as well is let you navigate your mind as well as survive the “storms” of your ego with your “boat” intact. That you should be able to flow easily and when a storm arises to be equipped to ride it out. Their aim should not be to encourage you to try to quiet the storm of your ego out of fear and frustration with yourself.

The purpose of navigating your mind is not to get from a perceived lower point to a higher point of mind(or state of mind). The highest point you perceive of your “evolved” mind is just another extreme in relation to your center. The whole breadth and width of the ocean your psyche is should be the area your mind navigates oriented towards enlightenment. All that you are, not just the pleasant side. Anything else is like trying to sail from Europe to the Americas without touching the Atlantic ocean.

And that brings me to MY system.

A sort of rainbow spectrum system. Imagine the color spectrum of a rainbow. What I see people trying to aspire to is the highest band of the rainbow. The “red”. This can be the noble, quiet, passive, sensitive side of you. The civilized tamed animal. The lower purple band is the emotional, passionate, raging bull of our animal nature. The savage primal beast.

There are some systems that tell you to be always is in between them both and reside somewhere in the yellow. That sounds better but since any stationary position we hold ourselves to in this spectrum would be tiresome and unnatural to maintain “at all costs” it is counterproductive to a real harmonious state with our environment. That is not free flowing and eternally lasting. It is ridged and fixed as well as finite. It leaves us no room to grow. It is not valid to the true you either. This state is not natural, but rather an artificial mentality you have to dedicate ever increasing amounts of your ego anchored in a solid state you cannot correct.

What I suggest is to not force your mind to stay at any one point of “light” (emotion) in this spectrum of your psyche. That all are valid and when you become FULLY aware of them in their entirety, you are then not limited to a point (single artificial emotional state) in the spectrum of this rainbow system. You have all of them as your corrective force of counter balance to your passions. You become capable of being the complete whole. You become white light before the prism of our preconceptions.

“White light” in this instance is not denying any of its components like the human being we are must not lie to itself and live a farce of harmony in “red” or “yellow”. True harmony with all emotions is “white”. That is the savage bull of purple and the quiet passive of “red”. Yellow is not the absolute light for it being a sort of balance to these extremes either but rather it is component of the whole as well.

It is not that white light is the absolute. In my system and the way I explained it, maybe, but this is not the end all to color analogy of mind governance for emotional harmony. It is just one way.

Like the saying goes, “there are many paths to the top of the mountain but the view is all the same”.


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